CSR Annual Report

CSR Annual Report

We, Sacred Sun, take our role as a world citizen seriously, and take social responsibility within our ability.

Corporate social responsibility (short for CSR) means that enterprises should not only create profits and bear legal responsibilities to shareholders and employees, but also bear responsibilities to consumers, communities and the environment. Corporate social responsibility requires enterprises to go beyond the traditional idea of taking profits as the only goal, emphasizing the attention to human value in the production process, and the contribution to the environment, consumers and society.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is reflected throughout our organization, including in our corporate social responsibility and human rights policy, code of business conduct and ethics, social charity and the natural environment protection. We also engage employees through training, awareness campaigns, reporting and accountability measures.

1. Run the enterprise well and make it stronger, bigger and longer

2. All operation and management behaviors of the enterprise should conform to the code of ethics
3. Community welfare investment
4. Social charity

5. Consciously protect the natural environment

In the future, we will provide a detailed annual report on corporate social responsibility.


Corporate Social Responsability

CSR Activities

Sacred Sun attended the 8th JAC CSR Forum…
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